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A wireless LAN is a platform for enabling enterprise-wide access to an organization's applications and data. Wireless infrastructure allows users to take the office with them wherever they go. The wireless LAN provides employees and guest workers with untethered access to voice, video, data and applications regardless of their physical location. With the influx of mobile devices and increase in Wi-Fi connections, organizations are already starting to see a paradigm shift to "wireless by default" and "wired by exception.

Your network is more important than ever. Your IT staff is stretched thinner than ever. That's why a professionally designed and implemented wireless LAN is what you need for years of hassle-free operation and growth. We give you the people and the plan to help you assess, design, deploy and manage your wireless LAN so it delivers five nines reliability. Our consulting, implementation and support services help you plan, deploy and operate your network infrastructure.

Our training, deep knowledge of best practices and experience help us ensure that your network is implemented right the first time. We tailor our services to the specific needs of your organization.

We Perform on-premises or offsite wireless site surveys to determine optimal access point placement for a complete wireless coverage.