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​WalChi Innovative Solutions transforms and manages networks that support future growth, run at lower cost and enable peak performance. Our professional services and implementation expertise, enable you to maximize convergence of network and IT, provide next-generation connectivity, deliver a compelling customer experience, and drive incremental revenue.

Our Network Services Include:

Network planning
Network planning provides the essential foundation for a future network. We provide a full set of services for effective network extension, including statistical analysis and capacity demand forecasting to balance network investment and network performance.
Network design

We develop designs for your IT and network infrastructure, applications, operations processes, and network management, set the parameters for your network architecture, so it goes in line with the business plan in terms of capacity, coverage, cost and quality of service.

Network monitoring
We monitor every part of your network - cabling, routers, switches, servers and workstations, LAN, and WAN components. When implementing a network monitoring system, we integrate it with your existing incident management system and inventory of IT resources (e.g., BMC Remedy, Symantec ServiceDesk, etc.).
Network optimization
We measure and analyze network performance and perform bottleneck analysis as well as end-user experience analysis. Then we optimize network configurations to improve end-user experience and maximize asset utilization.

Network troubleshooting

It is essential to troubleshoot network problems quickly to keep the network, and the business which depends on it, running smoothly. We offer effective troubleshooting tools to help you locate network problems quickly, understand their cause, know the impact they are having on the business, and resolve them in the least amount of time.
Network integration
We ensure seamless connectivity for all the nodes in your network configuration, regardless of vendor and in line with your plans. Our expertise in network integration minimizes start-up times for new networks and eliminates service interruptions during network upgrades.